WoW Legion Initial Thoughts

I’ve been skimming through the released preview information for World of Warcraft: Legion and these are my initial thoughts.


  • A lot of things (the artifact system in particular) look extremely alt-unfriendly and dual-spec unfriendly. If progressing your artifact is anything like progressing your legendary cloak/ring, there will be an ungodly amount of busy work that makes playing alts more of a chore than a joy.
  • They seem to be relying heavily on the nostalgia factor. This won’t last long, so I hope there’s some actual merit to the content to back it up.
  • They seem to be doing their typical song and dance using weasel words to say nothing about flying. I want hard answers. The handling of flying in WoD was unacceptable. If they intend to repeat the fiasco, I’m seriously uninterested.
  • I don’t like removing options and playstyles from specs (as far as dual-wield vs 2H goes), especially with caster classes. I prefer my mage with a staff, but now he can’t have one if he’s fire? Seriously? What purpose does this serve?
  • The class changes/revamps look like they’re still trying to reinvent the wheel. Now the real reason for breaking demonology warlocks becomes apparent: they’re stealing major class design features for Demon Hunters. Maybe with a little space between Demo warlocks and Demon Hunters we won’t notice the theft.
  • Order Halls sound like garrisons 2.0. I hope the changes/fixes they made are sufficient in scope and scale to take the bad taste out of our mouths. This should be supplemental content, not the bulk of it.


  • If done correctly, it does have potential to be a cool expansion. I hope there are sufficient catch-up mechanics for altoholics and dual-specialists.
  • It looks like there will be more/better attention paid to story and lore. The gameplay is nice, but the story really brings it all together. This was one of the few saving graces for WoD,. Legion looks like it will be even better in this department.
  • The artwork looks to be as brilliant as it has ever been. I am often amazed at just how good the game looks despite the limitations imposed by catering to players with lower-end computers (which I think is a very good idea).
  • Reducing homogenization is a worthy goal. I’m not sure they have taken the best approach to it, but at least it is on their radar.

Overall, I am left feeling reserved about the expansion. This is definitely the least excited I have ever been for an expansion. A large part of this may simply be the lack of trust for Blizzard. After the unmitigated disaster that was WoD, and all of the lying, misdirecting, and otherwise clueless behavior Blizzard has displayed, I have very little faith left in them to deliver a quality product. I may opt-in for the beta, just to get more of an idea of what’s going on. In the meantime, I shall do my best to give it a fair shake.


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