Iron Docks Autopsy Week 2

Week 2 in Iron Docks went well. We got off to a bit of a rough start, but once we settled in we made short work of it.

Positives to take away:

  • 2nd silver completion for our group.
  • 2nd consecutive guild-best time.
  • 2nd consecutive top 100 realm time (#78 Auchindoun, #58 Iron Docks as of this posting).
  • Our adjustments and fixes seem to have made a nice difference.

We’ll be heading into Shadowmoon Burial Grounds next week. We will definitely be doing a dry run on Mythic to get us all on the same page, so be sure to have your lockout available. PLEASE watch the video at least once, preferably more, so that you at least have a general idea of the plan: There may be some variations between my plan and the video, but they shouldn’t be huge.

Once again, we did good work this week and I’m proud of this group.

I apologize for forgetting (again) to finish up the Croman run this week while we had time. By the time I remembered we had already dismissed. I’m sure another opportunity will present itself.


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