Iron Docks Autopsy Week 1

Week 1 in Iron Docks went pretty well, all things considered. Our very first run netted us the bronze medal. Unfortunately, internet issues cut our night short and we didn’t get a second complete run. Despite this, I’m still very pleased with how the night went overall. Most of our issues weren’t play-related issues. I think this one will give us less trouble than Auchindoun did.

Positives to take away:

  • Most of the pulls went well.
  • The first 3 bosses aren’t really giving us any trouble.
  • No real troublesome packs like Auchindoun.
  • We could probably pull a little more aggressively.
  • Most of the times we ran into trouble, we also managed to pull ourselves out and prevent the wipe.

The only thing we really need to work on is pulling a little faster/smoother (less downtime). From what I can tell, this was the single biggest time drain of the dungeon (although we did also have trouble with Skulloc). I have a couple ideas to help with this. Most everything else is a small fix.

  • For trash packs, if my mana is full or nearly full (85% +), assume I’m ready. If I’m not ready, I’ll call out on vent.
  • For boss fights, I will try using a DBM pull countdown for bosses both to let you know I’m ready and to allow dps to pre-pot. This will be a short timer (about 3 seconds). Be ready to go.
  • If you have questions or suggestions, we can discuss them before the run starts. We can also start doing a quick summary/reminder of boss mechanics before we start the run. We should know which way we’re going and which mobs we’re pulling before we start. We don’t really have time for these things once the clock starts running.
  • In support of the previous point, for future dungeons we will do a dry run of the dungeon first (perhaps on Mythic mode) to discuss routes/strategies and review boss/trash mechanics without the pressure of the clock. I think we’ll be ok for Iron Docks, though.
  • Just FYI: during combat, things are almost always touch and go. I probably won’t have time to stop healing and hit the talk button. I’m not mad, I’m not trying to ignore you, I’m just busy. Please don’t be offended. 🙂
  • If we’re not using tons of dps/healing/mana potions, we should start doing so. I can make you some if you’re short (except for healing pots, sorry, I can’t make those). Unless you’re specifically saving your dps potion CD for an imminent boss fight, you should be using it pretty much on CD.
  • On Oshir: We’ll CC the acid-spitting drake (so just ignore it) and we’ll want an aoe-stun on the wolf pack (to maximize melee dps uptime).
  • On Skulloc: We’ll blow Hero and all major dps CDs on the pull. We want to kill Korramar before the first Cannon Barrage if at all possible. If your CDs aren’t available, we can try to coordinate a later usage of Hero (perhaps after the first barrage) as soon as all of our CDs are ready.

With few exceptions, none of these fixes will make a major impact on the clock on its own, but each of them should buy us a few precious seconds. It all adds up.

We’ll be back in Iron Docks next week. Please review the video here:

I just want to reiterate that we did very well on our first run and I’m very proud of all of us.


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