PGP 100 Progress

I’ve been hitting the Proving Grounds Project (Level 100 Edition) pretty heavily, of late. I am now at 9/11 classes and 16/35 specializations completed through gold. I have a few Endless wave markers completed, too, but I didn’t update as I went so I’ll need to go back and figure out who hit which levels on Endless mode.

I have a few roadblocks to clear before I can do too many more specs, though. I have a rogue at 100, but I’m working on gearing up a tiny bit before entering the PG. (I usually aim for 615-630 ilvl.) I also need to work on my Holy set for the paladin before I can do that one. Other than that, I’ll need to finish leveling a monk, get an agility-based druid, and an agility-based shaman before I can tackle a bunch of these specs.

In the meantime, I am continuing to work on the instructional videos for Proving Grounds, too. I have several source videos captured that I haven’t yet narrated and I have a couple completed videos that I have yet to upload. I’ll keep at it.


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