Challenge Mode Autopsy

We finally got into the challenge mode version of Auchindoun, and there are a few things we can take away from it, so long as we think of it as a kick in the butt, and not a kick in the teeth. I think it caught us flat-footed this week. Next week we should be more ready.

  • We all need to review the videos and become more familiar with them.
  • We all need to work at interrupts, movement, and mechanics.
  • We all need to work at communication and teamwork.
  • We CAN do this. When we did execute all of the above, stuff died.
  • The kick line during Nyami worked *great.*

We just need to keep in mind that this is challenging content and execution matters. This content is not beyond our skill level, we just need to play up to it. Our best is more than good enough. I know we all can do this.

Knowing what we do, now, though, we should plan on doing no more than 1 dungeon per week. A repeat of the link to the video, in case you’ve misplaced it:


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