Week 1

Good work, Angels!

Week 1 of our achievement runs is now in the books. We did pretty well considering our time constraints (hey, real life happens).

We’ll be back and picking up where we left off (with Grimrail Depot) next week on Saturday at 7:00 server. We’ll toss in a week 3 to finish up whatever we don’t get done on week 2, and we’ll also redo any achievements we missed on our first pass through. When we’ve finished all of the heroics we’ll go kill Sha for the music roll. We might also hit any dinomancers and Galleon for the mount lottery, time and interest permitting.

There is just one thing I want everyone to work on before next week. I want everyone to bring their skimpiest transmog. We need to boost our ratings or we’ll lose our sponsors.

Stay sexy, Angels,



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