Very Busy Lazy Day

Lacking anything better to do, I decided to dust off my to-do list and see what I could finish off. I ended up having a very busy lazy day today.

I started off with some exploration, finishing off Shadowmoon Valley, Frostfire Ridge, and Spires of Arrak. Naturally completing these also rewarded me the meta for Draenor.

WoWScrnShot_040815_125833I spent a bit of time in the proving grounds and finally claimed the Endless Damage wave 30 achievement and the Proven Assailant title that comes with it. Huzzah!

I also started the process of pre-recording some videos which I plan to narrate as a guide. Eventually I want to make a proving grounds silver and gold video in the same style as the silver mode video I made for Tarii. I’ve seen plenty of people making more generalized guide, but I felt it might be useful to have on specifically for each class.

After that, I knocked out all of Barley’s LFRs for Abrogator stones and am now nearing the finish line for the 690 rings. I’m now wishing I didn’t put it off for so long.

Finally I did a little bit of pet battling and got a few more pets to level cap. Now all of my pets are blue quality and about 2/3 of them are level 25.


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