Tentative Challenge Mode Schedule

For those joining me in Challenge Modes, here is some tentative/preparatory information.

Who: We have our whole group back from last year: Askevar, Venoym, Devanyal, Sheepdog, and Tallaver.


  • Complete all Heroics and the achievements for Glory of the Draenor Hero. I expect this to take about 2 weeks (4 dungeons per week). This will award several achievements and a mount.
  • Complete all Challenge Modes on Silver for Challenge Warlord: Silver. I expect this to take about 3 weeks (dungeons per week: 3-3-2). This will award several achievements, a title, and a mount.
  • Complete all Challenge Modes on Gold for Challenge Warlord: Gold. I expect this to take about 5 weeks (dungeons per week: 2-2-2-1-1).
  • Total time expected is about 10 weeks, but may be longer or shorter, depending on our rate of progress. I will know more when I see how well we handle the new content.

When: Saturdays 6:00-9:00 server (CST), beginning on Sat, April 18. Scheduled time is pull time. Please be online and ready to go at that time.

Where: Draenor Dungeons. Intended sequence:

  1. Auchindoun
  2. Iron Docks
  3. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
  4. Grimrail Depot
  5. Skyreach
  6. Bloodmaul Slag Mines
  7. Upper Blackrock Spire
  8. The Everbloom

Why: Because it’s fun. And we’re awesome. (Both at the same time.)  Also, achievements. And mounts. And titles. And transmog gear. But mostly just for the fun.


Helpful Wowhead Guide:http://www.wowhead.com/guide=2958

Video Guides on YouTube:

Generally, I will compose a strategy that consists of a mish-mash of the strategies used in the above guides. If I intend to use a specific guide for a specific dungeon, I will link directly to it (so you don’t actually need to watch/learn all of the above). I will try to narrow down more specifics as I can. I’m just starting to dive into the research phase, so stay tuned for new/more information.

Other notes:

    • Toons: Bring whichever toon you like for your role, so long as they are geared and you can perform at an acceptable level for Challenge Modes. Currently, my information says you intend to bring Askevar (Blood DK), Venoym (Ret Pally), Alloria (Assassin Rogue), and Sheepdog (Fire Mage). I intend to bring Barleybraids (Resto shaman). If your selection changes, please let me know ASAP.
    • Gear: Toons should have gear of 630+ in every slot, if possible. (Gear above 630 will be scaled down to 630.) Gear should be appropriately enchanted. Gems, tertiary stats, and set bonuses will not be active in challenge modes.
    • Consumables: We will be using potions, flasks, scrolls, engineering toys, and feasts. If you can provide your own consumables (or the mats for them), great. If not, all items can be provided on Azuremyst/Staghelm and Thorium Brotherhood/Far Striders/Silver Hand. Speak to me if you need help getting some.
  • Potions: you will want invisibility pots, throughput pots (primary stat), & healing tonics.
  • Flasks: you will want the 375 stamina (tank) or the 250 primary stat flask (everyone else).
  • Engineering-crafted gadgets (Shieldtronic Shield, Goblin Glider) do not require engineering to use, but the shield counts as a healing potion.
  • Scrolls: we will use Runescroll of Fortitude to provide the missing stamina buff. This will be provided for you.
  • Food: we will have Savage Feasts to lay down for the group. You may also want an individual stack of buff food in case you die between feasts or don’t like the buff the feast provides. A mage table should be available for non-buff eating and drinking.
  • Augment Runes: these can provide an additional boost, but may become prohibitively expensive. This is progression-style content, so expect wipes.

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