Tips for Garrison Gathering

We were chatting after the raid tonight and it seems like some people didn’t know about these tips, so I hope someone will find them useful.

You may not know:

  • The Peon’s Mining Pick is super easy to get to and works very much like the Preserved Mining Pick in that it greatly reduces your cast time while mining. As a bonus, the Peon’s version doesn’t need to be activated or equipped, and works in all areas of Draenor, not just the mine. This is picked up off the ground in the mountains by Southport (your garrison outpost in Spires of Arrak).
  • A pair of leather gloves called Gorepetal’s Gentle Grasp act in much the same way for herbalism.  They work in all of Draenor (including your garrison) and do not need to be activated or equipped to reduce your herbalism cast time. These drop off a “rare” in Nagrand.
  • Preserved Mining Pick and Miner’s Coffee now stack to 20 (instead of 5) and no longer have a max stacking limit (formerly unique 5).
  • The buff from Preserved Mining Pick now stacks with the bonus from the Peon’s Mining Pick. The Preserved Mining Pick‘s buff combined with the Peon’s Mining Pick puts your mining cast time at 0.2 seconds: now that’s some fast mining.
  • The buff from Miner’s Coffee now stacks with itself up to 5 times and should also stack with other movement bonuses (cat form, ghost wolf, sprint, etc.).


These items are all well worth the time it takes to get them, since they can combine for some pretty serious time savings on your daily chores. 1-2 seconds per node may not seem like much, but it adds up surprisingly fast.


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