An Answer At Last

After months of skirting the issue, leaving non-committal answers, and yes, even flat-out lying to its customers, Blizzard  has finally given a clear answer to the possible return of flight in 6.1:

And that answer is a smug and self-entitled NO. Basically, they like wasting your time in the hopes you won’t notice that there isn’t enough new content to last for the duration of the release cycle. Not entirely surprising, but disappointing nonetheless. As such, I have cancelled 2 of my 3 accounts. With the changes being what they are, I have no need of extra accounts or extra alts. I haven’t cancelled my main account yet, but it is something I am considering. After over 6 years of playing the game religiously I just don’t enjoy it anymore. We’ll see how or if that changes moving forward, but if their new design model continues to be to waste my time, I can’t see myself sticking around. Until this expansion, every iteration of the game has left me with enough stuff to do that I always had a way to *spend* my time without the need to *waste* it. Now, it seems like upkeep is all I ever do anymore and I’ve never been a fan of “busy work.”


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