Another New Tamer Update

I’ve drawn up a 3rd strategy for VonFeasel. This one also seemed to work pretty well, but the usual caveat applies: not tested for RNG. That said, I really liked this one. Enchanted Broom is an awesome pet against Christoph. This strategy shares some similarities with “Dino-Might” in that it uses Minefield to shred the beasts before they get a chance to do much damage.

I think I liked the way the dinosaur handled Syd better, but the Rocketbot/Broom combo handled the beasts better. I may try to find a mash-up strategy that brings those parts together, but I think I’m done doing Faire strategies for this time around. Real life has smacked me upside the head this week and I just don’t have it in me to worry about it anymore this week.

In the meantime, those 3 strategies work pretty well as far as I can tell, so give them a go and see how they treat you. Maybe I’ll be back in the saddle for next month’s Faire.


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