New Darkmoon Tamer

After raid tonight, Askevar asked me about the new Darkmoon Faire Master Tamer, Cristoph VonFeasel, mentioning she had some trouble with him. Owing to that, I thought I’d try to get out a rough-and-dirty guide ASAP in case others are also having trouble. I have a very basic guide up now, and I will fill in some missing info (namely the exact damage numbers) when I can get it (my quest is on lockout at the moment).

The strategy I posted is one I know works, since I’ve used it every day of the Faire so far. I’ll try to get other working strategies as the week wears on. It being a limited-duration daily, it will be hard to thoroughly play-test possible strategies, so bear with me in case some of the strats are a bit flaky. If you run into problems, please tell me *exactly* when and where the strategy falls apart for you. Simply saying “it doesn’t work” gives me nothing to go on as far as refining/correcting potential issues.

Thank you, and happy pet battling.


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