Giving Myself a Boost

Now that I’ve finally accepted Askevar’s offer to come join her guild, I’ll be building up her server a bit more. Specifically, I’ll be wanting to get a full support network of professions over there. In the effort to do that, I’ve placed my boosted monk over there, and also faction changed my priest, Heathen (previously a Blood Elf, now a human), along with our storage guild, For the Hoard. She’s a tailor and enchanter, and she brought with her all the lowbie mats that were left on the Horde server from our last faction transfer. It’s a start.

Speaking of the new guild, one of my new guildies was kind enough to make me the transmog belt I’d been missing, free with my mats. I tried to sneak a hundred gold into the trade window when I gave her the mats, but she caught me. lol

Ain’t she pretty?


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