Pre-Patch Madness

Initial Thoughts on the 6.0.2 Pre-patch:

  • Reagents stack to 200, now. Yes!!!! So much yes.
  • Nothing else does.  WTF? Flasks, Potions, Food, Bandages, Flares, and other consumables need to stack higher, Blizz. They should go at least to 50, but 100 or 200 would be better. You  know this, you’ve been told this. No excuses.
  • Reagents Tab: Good, but not perfect. It’s great that reagents go into the tab, but a bit annoying that other stuff doesn’t. If it went into a profession bag, it ought to go into your profession tab in your bank.
  • Toybox: still a lot of things that are very obviously toys that aren’t marked as such yet. Magic Banana, Ra’Sha’s Sacrificial Dagger, I’m looking at you.
  • Class Changes: hit or miss. Some still feel okay (ele/resto shammies), but some feel absolutely gutted (fury warrior has like 3 buttons). Condensed Travel Form is still terrible, but after about a thousand posts of nearly-unanimous hatred for the change during the beta, Blizzard doesn’t seem to care what druids think.
  • Healing Changes: could be the level/gear thing, but mana is no issue whatsoever. I can spam flash heal all day and not drop below 75% mana. That said, throughput is ridiculously low. Even overgearing LFR by 40 ilvls, people died to lack of throughput. I lost a tank while spamming Healing Surge on him, and yes, he had Riptide and Earth Shield up on him while standing in Healing Rain. Even if I was the only one healing him at the time (and I don’t thinn I was), that shouldn’t happen in LFR. Overall, healing is left with a feeling of being sluggish and boring.
  • Healing Changes, ctd.: The “choices” you are expected to make seem obvious and pointless. Healing Surge and Healing Wave are my only two options to heal single-target. They heal for exactly the same amount per cast. The only difference? One takes ~0.5 seconds longer to cast and costs about twice the mana. Literally the only “decision” I ever have to make is “will my target die in the next 2 seconds if I don’t use Surge?” Considering that damage is supposed to be slowing down in the upcoming expansion, I’m not sure that will crop up all that often. Even if it does, because of my mechanics, I get 2 hasted Healing Waves after a Riptide, so the speed difference between them is closer to ~0.1 seconds most of the time. There are exceedingly few situations where I will ever even have to make a decision between those two heals. Maybe other classes have it better, but so far, Resto Shammy changes seem ridiculous and bad. In fact, it looks like Blizzard has finally succeeded in forcing a healer into having an actual rotation: Riptide, HW, HW, [filler] for single target, Riptide, CH, CH, [filler] for AoE healing. Filler is where you would refresh Healing Rain, Earth Shield, Healing Stream Totem, etc.
  • I am loving the new quest and map interfaces. Very nice upgrades, there.
  • New pets? Yes, please.
  • Re-Learning how to play 11 classes, on top of organizing dozens of toons’ bags and banks? *sigh* Really, Blizz? Every fricking expansion? Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Make changes where needed, sure, but stop mucking things up just to say you made it different. There’s a point when your fight against stagnation just becomes change for change’s sake and does more harm than good. You’re so far past that line it’s hard to see it in the rearview mirror. Just slow your roll.

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