We finished up the Challenge Modes today and got our mounts. 2 more weeks until we get the remaining 3 and all 4 go account-wide. In the meantime, aren’t they lovely?


We were all pretty happy to get them. After all was said and done, the one that had me most worried was the one we didn’t struggle with at all. In fairness, it was, in many ways, the most frustrating to me, personally. Thanks to a display error, the whole group thought I was at full mana and we kept chugging along. Meanwhile, I was actually sitting at 10-20% mana and blowing every CD I had trying to keep people alive on the fumes I had left in the ol’ blue fuel tank and sneaking a few seconds of drinking between pulls as often as I could (which wasn’t often). Several times I was tempted to ask for a mana break, but I was so flustered I was afraid I couldn’t ask nicely (translation: I’d have sounded like a pissed-off honey badger) so I just knuckled down and powered through, absolutely shocked that we actually made it out alive.

It all came out in the end, though, and other than my mana bar, nobody else seemed to be struggling at all in that one. I only recall 2 deaths in Siege, and both were in the hallway of death at the start, so they just ran back in while we mopped up. We’ve really gotten pretty good at saving what should have been a wipe. When all was said and done, we were just 12 seconds shy of having 5 minutes to spare. In fact, you can almost see our learning curve in our times. Many of the harder instances we did were actually closer to the gold time than the earlier/easier ones. Gate was the first and easiest we did, at 4:28 away from gold time, but Stormstout was probably the 2nd hardest (behind Scarlet Monastery) and our time on that one was 4:32 away from gold. Only 4 seconds difference is astounding considering the difficulty level of each of them. We came a long way in a few short weeks.

Overall, though, the night didn’t give us too much trouble. Stormstout was the hardest of the evening, but it still didn’t take us too long or too many attempts. The hammers really make all the difference on that 2nd boss of SSB and the trash gauntlet before it.

At any rate, it was a great experience, a load of fun, and I can’t wait to do them next expansion. You may recall that Challenge Modes was one of the features I was most excited about seeing in MoP. While I’m somewhat disappointed that I didn’t really get to push for golds, I’m very pleased that I at least got to see them. They were a ton of fun, even at Silver difficulty.

Many thanks go out to my outstanding teammates. Askevar (tank), Venoym (dps), Tallaver (dps), and my sister, Sheepdog (dps) truly made this a fun experience. Thank you all. Extra special thanks to Tall, for stepping up and filling in on literally a moment’s notice. You were awesome, and your off-heals helped a ton.

Up next week: We’ll see if we can’t knock out a gold mode or two. Thankfully, we have nothing better to do next week. 😉


2 thoughts on “Success!!!

  1. oy, I feel like a jerk! If I had known you were tight on mana, I’d have stopped – we had time. It literally was showing you at full mana through the last 2 and at like 37% constantly through the first one… was weird.

    If it helps, I was in complete awe of this awesomesauce healer whose mana I couldn’t seem to dent…

    • Well, don’t! It’s as much my fault as yours. I should have spoken up. I just thought you were worried about the timer, so I made the best of it. A couple Mana Tide Totems and some liberal use of mana potions and we got through there pretty well. Besides, it’s good practice for the sort of pace we’ll have to pull if we want golds.

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