2-Minute Warning

Well, ok, it’s actually 2 weeks, but I had to fudge it for the football reference. Anyhoo, we got the 2 week warning to the end of the arena season today, as expected.


This means that we definitely have an extra weekend after this one if something truly unfortunate should happen. That being said, none of the Challenge Modes this week worry me quite as much Scarlet Monastery did.

Stormstout Brewery is supposed to be tough, but a big chunk of that comes from the very tightly-tuned timer. I expect that it will probably be the toughest of those left, but I’m fairly confident we can do it, especially considering the extra 9 minutes we get because we’re not worried about gold.

Siege of Niuzao is a potential time sink, because the toughest pull comes fairly late in the instance. That said, I think there’s enough wiggle room on the tough pulls that we can either split the tough pull up into 2 pulls or else just absorb a wipe as long as we get some of the trash down in the first attempt (it doesn’t respawn).

I’m not expecting too much out of Mogu’Shan Palace, either. According to most people it’s roughly the same as Temple of the Jade Serpent in difficulty and we curbstomped that one. I’m also changing the aggressive/challenging invisibility run into a simpler one. The only caveat is that the simpler run is at the very end of the dungeon, making it a potential time sink if anyone fumbles it. The only part that worries me at all is the final boss. I’m just going to have to work on keeping a better eye on my surroundings instead of staring at the health bars waiting for spike damage.

I don’t necessarily expect to breeze through them like we did last week, but I don’t foresee too much trouble, either. However you slice it, it’s nice to have a safety net in the form of that extra week, just in case disaster should strike.


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