Ok, so maybe that’s not quite the right sentiment, but I have come to a decision regarding next week’s challenge modes.

I’m leaning towards starting off the evening with Temple of the Jade Serpent, then heading on to Shado-Pan Monastery, and finally finishing things off with Scarlet Monastery.

This will be a somewhat more challenging evening than last week. In fact, this will likely be the most challenging week overall. I may be pushing things too far, but I’m pretty confident on the group’s abilities. I think we can rise to the challenge. I know that it’s an ambitious schedule, especially Scarlet Monastery (which most people rank as either the hardest or 2nd-hardest zone), and that we probably won’t finish quite as quickly as last week. On the other hand, we should be able to get off to a quicker start this week, and we did have time available to use at the end of last week that we didn’t end up using.

That being said, we learned a lot last week, and this week we know many things we didn’t know then. We know that we have time to pull small or hard CC half a pack if we need to. We know what to expect in terms of incoming damage. We know that we have enough soft CC (stuns, blinds, disarms, etc.) to smooth out tougher pulls if we’re pushed for time and need to speed up. We know how to reset the instance (and all major CDs) without leaving the instance. I think between all of that this should save us some pretty decent time. Even with harder content, I don’t think the number of wipes will go up too much, and those we do have should be somewhat more efficient.

We may not be able to match last week’s pace of averaging under an hour per instance (bio breaks included), but we should have enough time available to suit our purposes. If all goes well, this week will put the worst behind us. If not, I want as much time as possible to act as a safety net.


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