Tackling the To-Do List

I’ve had a very productive weekend. I crossed off the Crackling Jade Serpent mount from my list (still need to get one for my sister). I also managed to cross off Shadow Priest and Holy Paladin from the Proving Grounds Project’s gold list, making it 10/11 classes complete now.

It’s looking like I managed to find a group for challenge modes this weekend (and/or next weekend). I offered to heal them, and with Askevar agreeing to tank, along with her husband and their raid’s top dps  joining my sister as dps. I’m really excited to take some first cracks at it. I want them mounts. 🙂

My only problem now is choosing which toon to bring along. I’m thinking either my druid or my shammy. I’m pretty good healing with both, and, having been tackling proving grounds with them, both are pretty well geared for challenge modes (with sockets and reforges for scaling). I’m leaning towards the druid, since he seemed to handle the scaling better in proving grounds, but with so many group CDs, it’s hard to overlook the shammy. I’m not sure what Venoym is bringing, either, probably a paladin(?). I think any way we slice it, we’ll have a pretty good composition. The mage and hunter alone bring all sorts of burst and CC to the table.


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