Salvaging Progress from Frustration

About a week ago, I was excited to have a new self-built computer. The classic downside to building it yourself? No store to take defective parts to. I’m now a week without a desktop while waiting on tech support to answer my tickets so I can be sure it actually is a defective part and return it. I’m estimating another week or two without it while the the defective parts travel to NewEgg and back. It’s been an endlessly frustrating experience. This isn’t what dropping $750 on a new PC is supposed to feel like. 😦


On the bright side, I am able to use my sister’s laptop to take some of the edge off my insanity. While it’s not powerful enough to run raids or dungeons (or even proving grounds), I can at least level alts and work on pet battles. I’ve gotten my monk up to 82 and he needs to build up rested again. I’m wanting to get him to 85 so he can learn the guild mount I bought. Meanwhile, this should give me a chance to get back to work on my sister’s toon, so she can get the mount, too.


It’s hard to make plans for such things when you don’t have a computer and don’t know when you’ll get one, but I would very much like to form a Challenge Mode group to get the mounts (get any 1 of them and you’ll have all 4 account-wide come 6.0). I also want to get my hands on the normal-mode Garrosh mount, but with the average PUG group wanting you to be fully heroic-geared before doing normal mode, that won’t be an option.


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