More Proving Grounds Progress

Been hitting the DPS endless version of proving grounds pretty heavily, going after the Proven Assailant title. While I haven’t gotten there yet, I did manage to get to Wave 18, and picked up the [Proving Yourself: Endless Damage Wave 10] achievement along the way.

At the risk of jinxing myself, it doesn’t seem like this is going to give me nearly as much trouble as the healer mode did.  I’m pretty well settled into a strategy that works for each wave, and now it’s just a matter of executing the plan. You know, the old “just a little more polish” routine. However, having gotten to 18 so quickly, I’m encouraged. Especially since the reason I failed at that point, and the reason I abandoned today’s attempts altogether, was horrific lag.

Sadly, I can usually only get in good attempts when everyone else is either gone or asleep, because whenever somebody tries to watch videos or play Facebook games (or generally just any other bandwidth-hogging activity), it chokes out the connection and gives me horrific latency.


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