More Proving Grounds Success

Whew! That one was tough. Really tough. I did finally manage to get Proving Grounds Gold: Tank on my prot warrior, though.  That gold completion marks the third and final role completed, and 08/11 classes completed. Huzzah!

I’m not too sure what percentage of the player-base has managed Gold or better on all 3 roles, but I’m guessing it’s not high. Either way, I feel good for having managed it, regardless of how many others have done so.

Combined with my recent [You’re Doing it Wrong] achievement (on my Holy Priest), and my [Proven Healer] title (on my Resto Druid), I’m really starting to knock things off of my list. I’ve made steps towards completing the Holy Paladin Gold, and though I’ve gotten to wave 10 several times, I haven’t quite cracked it yet.

I’m a bit concerned about the DPS modes, especially for my DK and Warrior. I have somewhat-geared toons of those classes on Horde-side, but my alliance ones are poorly geared. The problem is that most of my supply network on that side was drained when I made the big faction switch, so I don’t have a ready supply of flasks, food, and gold (for repairs) on that server. I haven’t quite decided whether it would be easier to re-kickstart the production line on that server or to just gear up some alts on this one. Decisions, decisions.



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