Proving Grounds Frustration

After a a few UI tweaks and a change of talents and glyphs, my high score jumped from round 8 to round 15 on my druid in my search for the elusive Wave 30 achievement and Proven Healer title. Since then, progress has been much slower than I’d hoped. Though my high score is now at 16, the stars seem to be aligned against me. Every time I start to put together a really nice run, I get whomped by the bad RNG. Although it’s somewhat heartening to note that my problems are very rarely to do with mana management now (I can brute-force the first 10 waves just fine with no CDs), it still sucks a bit that bad RNG (or rather, poor AI) can still screw you over. Some of my best attempts have been derailed by a single NPC getting 2-3 debuffs simultaneously (which results in an unhealable amount of damage), by numerous NPCs standing in the fire (and having a less-than-amusing “joke” about it while they’re doing it), or by a combination of the two (I’ll thank you not to stand in the fire while you have double chomp debuffs, thank you very much). At any rate, I feel like I could maybe turn the corner on the whole thing if I can just avoid the dreaded RNG double-whammy. It’s been pretty frustrating, though.


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