Making Fair Comparisons

I visit numerous forums, sites, etc. and I’ve gotten into this particular argument several times. In the interest of laying out my thoughts in a more organized manner (and without worrying about language and space constraints), I am going to outline the basic problem that most people run into when comparing the racials (both current and revised for WoD).

The most common viewpoint expressed for why Every Man For Himself (commonly abbreviated as EMFH) is unfair is that it “gives you a free trinket.” The complainer then compares the EMFH racial plus a DPS trinket to half the PVP trinket. No, seriously. Somehow, they manage to ignore the PVP stats on the PVP trinket (generally PVP power and/or resilience) *and* forget that they also get a racial in addition to the trinket. So, yeah, when you compare it that way  (A/2) < (A+B), but then that’s not really a surprise, because it’s a skewed comparison.

When you make a true apples to apples comparison, and compare the full PVP trinket plus a Horde racial (such as Berserking or Blood Fury) to EMFH plus a PVE dps trinket, you’ll notice that the numbers are a heck of a lot closer to balanced in the current game, especially considering that PVE gear is nerfed in instanced PVP, now. Blizzard is also actively balancing new gear with this racial formula in mind in WoD, so the gap should be even closer in the expansion (if there even is one).


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