Musings from the Proving Grounds

It’s sort of amazing how much disparity there is between classes, or even between specs of the same class, when it comes to the Proving Grounds. I’ve been taking a run at finishing off at least some of my missing specs/classes for the Proving Grounds Project and it’s popped up frequently.

Shadow Priests are simply terrible for solo work, and that includes the proving grounds. 45-second CD on its only interrupt? No burst DPS CD? Crappy CC options? They could not possibly have even tried to balance it against other classes. The spec is just pure garbage.

Fire is my main mage spec, and I consider myself to be more skilled at it, but I’ve been stymied on the Gold level achievement. A big part of it is that Fire is heavily gear-dependent (you need massive amounts of crit to make it viable) and of course proving grounds neuters your gear. Meanwhile, Frost is an off-spec that I picked up mostly just to do the Proving Grounds and despite having virtually no experience with it, I breezed right through Gold because Frozen Orb trivializes every other wave. Comparatively speaking, Frost has more burst, more damage, and more control compared to Fire (it also has better survivability,although that’s a non-issue in proving grounds). Just… why, Blizz?

I haven’t made any headway with my Holy Priest or Holy Pally in getting Gold level achievements. It’s not a matter of knowing the fights, either. I’m deep into Endless waves on both my Resto Druid and Resto Shaman.


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