New Projects

So with the green fire quest out of the way, I’m working on clearing out other stuff from my to-do list. I’ll probably be hitting the proving grounds pretty heavily. I still want to get as many of the classes/specs done on gold as I can manage. I finished up 2 more tonight for a total of 7/11 classes done on gold now. I’ll also be working towards getting as many of the 3 titles as I can. I really want Proven Healer, especially.

Also on the list:

  • farming up the bones for the white raptor
  • getting my monk alt for Askevar’s guild up to 90
  • Challenge Modes (still haven’t even got to attempt these – SAD PANDA)
  • achievements, old and new
  • Brawler’s Guild. A pox on you, Hexos!
  • work on pet crap (leveling, collecting, rarifying)

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