Green Fire Frustration

So, thanks in no small part to bugs (chaos bolt ignores LoS and hits you through the wall?) and crappy internet (5 DCs: srsly, WTF?) I have spent a small fortune on repairs and am no closer to getting him down. In fact, I’ve gotten nowhere near my best previous attempt in over 3 hours of attempts today. It is absolutely ridiculous that content this difficult has a repair bill at all, but this shit is costing me 20G per attempt. That’s just asinine, Blizz.

I’m stuck at the stupid felhunters. I simply cannot kill them. Ever.  Even if by some miracle of RNG I have embers left after spam-healing to survive the imps (which also will not fucking die) I can unleash a Chaos Bolt on the Felhunters and it only takes 20% of their health, as if I’m under some sort of invisible -75% damage debuff. Whenever I do actually manage to get past the felhunters, BOOM, DC. I swear to god some GM is fucking with me.


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