In Which I Whine About PVP

FAIR WARNING: What follows is the hostile, long-winded venting of frustration after a very long night hitting the BG queue on my (now-level-32) disc priest. Feel free not to read it if you have no interest in such things.

If I could “PVP” with 9 semi-competent NPCs versus 10 random horde players, I’d pick that route every single time.  I’d be willing to bet I’d win at least 75% of them, too. So, yeah, there’s my dose of hubris for the day.

There is little more annoying and frustrating than seeing teammate after teammate that can’t win a 1 on 1 fight, or even loses when they have a 2 or even 3 on 1 advantage. Watching all those little dots and flags on the map and seeing the health bars drop in my UI was nothing short of disgusting. It was such a long night.

The FC and I get jumped by a warlock and mage just inside the flag room. I’m being chain-feared, rooted, etc. and the FC just keeps running. So I’m sitting there fighting the warlock and mage (both in full heirlooms), and it’s a tough fight, but I finally manage to whittle them down (neither one was particularly good, but they hit hard anyway because of the looms). Around about the time I kill the 2nd one, the FC dies to a rogue, and spouts “OMG, not one heal. WTF?” and then a few other people start complaining that most of my heals are on myself (yeah? guess who they’re attacking, dipshits). I want to reach through the screen and just end every last one of the mouth-breathing morons I’ve been saddled with. But I take a deep breath and keep playing. Since I’m already at the enemy FR anyway, I just grab it myself and hustle down the length of the field for a quick cap, except that of course, the 3 rogues we have on D in the FR can’t manage to bring down a single warrior when he grabs our flag. Between the three of them,  they only managed to bring him just below half health and there his health sat for almost the full run back to his base before his healer met up with him on the horde side of mid. And from that point, he hit full health and never dipped below 90% again. Two of the rogues went after the EFC and the third went to mid to get farmed with the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, I’m in our FR, completely alone, and after fending off 2 waves of double-rogue action, they send a warlock with them. Still no dice. So they send a hunter, too. It took some nifty healing and a minor miracle in RNG, but I managed to hold off all 4 of them. At this point I can only imagine what they’re thinking, but I can’t imagine they’re happy. At any rate, this time they’re smart enough to send a healer with the group. 6 Hordies in my face, and I finally go down, although considering the number of vulnerability stacks I had at that point, I don’t think they would have needed all 6 anyway. Naturally I inquire (none too politely, I admit) “What happened, guys?” So… where was my team? I check the map and… they’re getting camped in mid, despite outnumbering the enemy 9-4. “You have to give us time to get to him,” is their response. And at that point, my head exploded. I mean, really, the sheer stupidity/unfairness of the admonishment sent me to the moon. The horde had time to send 5, count ’em 5(!), waves from the GY to our FR. You had time to make it once. Gah.

But that’s not the worst part of it. Stop and think about the logistics for a minute. There are 6 enemies in the FR with me. There are 2 enemies (the EFC and his healer) on their roof, and 2 of our rogues attacking that group. That means there are exactly 2 horde players at mid and there are 7 of you attacking them. How are you dying? Just… what… how… I don’t even… Whuuh???

And that was a microcosm of my evening. The more miraculously I played, the more incompetent my teammates became, as if there were some sort of inverse reward system in place in the queue system, somehow guaranteeing that no matter how well I played, my teammates would suck enough to screw it up. Solo capped twice? Loss. Beat a 5 on 1? Loss. Keep 3 of the enemy tied up for over 5 minutes before OOMing to death? Loss.  Topped 100K healing done AND 30K damage done in a single match (in the 30-34 bracket)? Loss (times 3). Used Psychic Scream to clear the enemy away from the flag and pick it up before it can be returned? Loss.

It wasn’t a complete waste of time. There were quite a few people that complimented my heals, and that was a big plus. I always love to feel appreciated. But in half of the BGs there was somebody so convinced that everybody else was fail that they started blaming lack of heals for everything. FC outran the healer? My fault.  Lost a 6-on-2? My fault. I’m in the FR healing the FC instead of healing the folks derping at mid? My fault. 3 rogues in my face and no peels? My fault. Chain-CC and/or Silences? My fault. You got one-shot by a rogue because you have no gear? My fault. Half the team won’t get out of mid? My fault. Just… enough is enough.

I long for some competent teammates. I’m considering trying to find a guild that runs lowbie and non-rated BGs just so I can get some. I’m trying to keep my chin up but it just gets so frustrating. I am (and forgive the lack of humility here) quite often the best player in the BG on either side (and sometimes by a wide margin) and yet I’m the one taking crap for loss after loss after loss. On the few occasions that I did get a decent teammate or two, we’d kick ass and take names, but usually that was the last I’d see of them. I was placed with a nice shammy/mage pair that were good (and very complimentary of my heals) and the 3 times we got placed together accounted for half of my wins on the night. The rest of the night was all “wah, wah, carry me harder” and it gets hard not to take it personally. Part of me thinks it would just be simpler to find some decent teammates and bring them with me. At least that way, we really could carry the whiners.


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