Extremely Good News from the 5.4.8 Patch Notes

5.4.8 is supposed to be dropping even as I type this, and included in the patch notes is some really, truly awesome news…


  • Going to Need a Bigger Bag is now an account-wide achievement and items obtained by all characters on the account now contribute credit towards completion. This means the achievement can be completed by obtaining all the required items across multiple characters instead of having a single character obtain all the items needed.

If I don’t already have the achievement upon log-in it’ll be a close thing. Close enough that I should be able to finish it off, at least. That’s something I never figured I’d be able to do.


4 thoughts on “Extremely Good News from the 5.4.8 Patch Notes

  1. Except that the achievement is now wiped… whether that’s intended or not I don’t know… but I can’t bear to start over from scratch… I had a lot of the rarer items.

    • Fear thee not! Some new information has come to light since you posted.

    • A little more info…

      “We’re working on a fix for this. No data was or will be lost – layman’s explanation is that your account isn’t properly picking up past credit earned by individual characters, so we need to make sure that the information is transferred to the account level. Your character still knows everything that it previously had gained, but your account doesn’t (yet). The fix will require restarts, and we’ll post to let everyone know once we have an exact timetable for that.

      Any new items you obtain towards the achievement in the meantime will count, and our fix will not overwrite that information. Apologies for the inconvenience, and any alarm from the apparent loss of progress towards such a challenging achievement.”

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