I had ordered some TCG cards to get some of the pets (just the cheap ones, mind you; no $100+ for the rare guys). The problem is, the connected-ness of my home realm meant that the code-claiming process was FUBAR. So it took 3 weeks and as many tickets, but I finally managed to claim my cards. Huzzah! Always exciting to get new critters.

As it so happens, the Landro Longshot NPC where you claim the codes for connected realms group of Farstriders, Silver Hand, and Thorium Brotherhood is actually located on Silver Hand. I had to create a toon and claim it on Silver Hand to get it to work. The GM claimed that my ThoBro toons should also still be able to claim codes, but I should fill out the claim form at the TCG website as if the toon were on Silver Hand (even though it’s on ThoBro). I didn’t test this, mind you, but that’s what he said.


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