Lowbie BGs

I’ve been hitting the lowbie BGs pretty hard this week. I’ve got a hunter, rogue, and disc priest on the burner at the moment and I’m doing ok on all of them (semi-twinked on OP classes, so no surprise there). What annoys me is the overabundance of complete mouth-breathers gumming up the works. What sends me postal is when one of said troglodytes decides to blame others for their fail.

This pretty much sums it up.









I mean, obviously, it’s not every game, but it gets annoying when you fight hard the whole game and just can’t get anything done because 4-6 members of your team seem intent on being farmed at mid. I’ve noticed something strange. If the other team is also content to stream into mid in little waves, each side happily farming each other in useless HK-gathering combat, then a group of 3 can successfully hold off the enemy team, both being the FC and killing the EFC while the short-bus crowd do the derp dance. But if the other team is even semi-competent, you just can’t carry them, and it is just one of the most frustrating experiences in the whole game. I may be better-skilled or better-geared or both compared to the enemy team. I might be able to handle them 2, 3, or even 4 on 1. What I can’t do is be everywhere all at once. I’ll help the FC and nobody will bring down the EFC. I bring down the EFC solo and nobody helps the FC. It wasn’t so bad when I was with my sister. After all, if you have a ready-made party of 2, you can sometimes help the FC despite himself. But sometimes… just ugh.

In one particularly egregious example, the enemy team had a group of 4 (2 rogues, 2 druids) who would stealth into the flag room and try for the flag. I was playing solo on my rogue, trying defend the flag alone, freeing up all 9 people to get the flag. Twice I killed all 4 of them before they got me, but the third time they learned from their mistake and changed their plan. I killed the resto druid and the two rogues, but the feral ran ahead without them while they kept me busy. Naturally, I gave chase as soon as I could, but it was too late, he had already ran the full length of the field and capped, somehow going completely unmolested by any of my 9 “teammates” who seemed completely oblivious to the fact that there was a BG going on around their heads. This despite the fact that I managed to type “efc tun” mid-combat to warn them where he had went. Just like that, 15 minutes of stellar defense (if I do say so myself) right down the drain.

Tonight was just as frustrating, with roughly half of the teams containing one or more people putting on a veritable clinic of “What NOT to do in a BG.” There’s only so many times that you can see the same stupid fucking druid with 700HP (roughly half of anyone else in the BG) use his various speedboosts to run ahead of the group only to get one-shotted by a rogue and have the flag returned. He seemed to think that the sole purpose of the speedboost in the tunnel is so that he can get there first and then completely abandon the group. My sister and I took to trying to carry it ourselves, but we were always met with enough resistance that we couldn’t cap. (There were always at least 4 of them going after us, and sometimes up to 6-8, if the first 4 had trouble and not once did any of our teammates come to our aid, despite our urging.) It feels like they must all be bots because no human could conceivably be stupid enough to play like that.


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