WoD Healing Changes

Blizzard just announced a list of changes that they are aiming for in Warlords and included with it a rather lengthy explanation detailing just how clueless they are about their own game the reasoning why they are making the changes. They could have saved a load of space and not wasted the time we all spent reading a load of crap by just stating their design philosophy with no window-dressing on it. Since they seem incapable of doing so, I’ll break it down for you: Make everything take longer. That’s it. That’s the entirety of WoD’s design philosophy. Every single developer-driven change they have listed can be summed up as a pointless waste of time. Travel? Slower. Player attacks and heals? Slower and weaker.

“We heard you liked grinding so we added some grind to your grind so you can grind while you grind.” That’s WoD in a nutshell. Slow, boring, and unfun. I don’t need to try the beta to know how this is going to turn out.  When the biggest feature of the new expansion (Garrisons)  is simply a complex way of getting you NOT to play the game, there’s a big frickin’ problem. It seems like maybe they are making terrible decisions about game design on purpose, just to make it so intolerably awful that you don’t mind having the game play itself.

Or maybe I’m just cranky. I’ll read the patch notes again after I’ve had a full night’s sleep and see if they suddenly make sense from a “having fun” standpoint.


2 thoughts on “WoD Healing Changes

  1. Everything I’ve heard it basically “let’s take away content and call it content”

    Not overly thrilled with the concepts and ideas in the xpac atm.

  2. Yeah, when they stated that their design changes were intended to make you think and make choices and the way they’re doing this is by *removing* 1/3 of the healing spells I just about peed myself laughing.

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