Wait… Umm… WTF?

So, today something really weird happened. I was going through my spam folder and deleting all the spam (you know, the stuff that the filter thought was spam, but wasn’t sure enough to just delete). A favorite trick of marketers* is to take actual comments (from blogs, comments sections, forums, etc.) and then post them to your blog as a new comment because sometimes this fools spam filters into thinking it’s a legitimate comment (the ad itself is the “name” and “picture” of the poster). The borrowed comments may or may not have anything to do with the subject of your blog, so imagine my surprise when I came across one that was actually about WoW. I read on, and the thing started sounding familiar. At about halfway through it hit me: *I* wrote this. I googled it and sure enough, some spammer’s little robotic minion took a post from my own blog and reposted it as a comment to a different post on my blog. I wasn’t sure whether to be annoyed or amused, so I settled on bemused and befuddled. I mean, really, spam-bot, WTF? LOL


*In this context, “marketers” means “soulless d-bags intent on flooding the world with unwanted and unneeded advertisements for crap nobody wants.”


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