Proving Grounds

I spent a little time working on my warlock in the proving grounds. I got off to a bit of a rough start, on account of having absolutely no idea how to play the toon (AOE rotation? I don’t need no stinking AOE rotation), but after a quick visit to Icy Veins things improved rather quickly.

I spent a little more than half an hour in total (not including 20 minutes I spent on the phone with my sister, and another 5 or so minutes I spent answering the door, and another 10-ish minutes chatting with various folks on whispers). I knocked Bronze and Silver out without too much trouble, but kept bumping into issues on Gold. Namely, the stupid Amber Orbs absolutely refuse to cooperate in any way shape or form. If getting the Orbs impossibly close to your enemy without actually stunning them were an Olympic event, I’d take the gold. Ugh. It probably also doesn’t help that about 1/3 of my gear slots have 450 pieces, so I’m a tad undergeared. At any rate, I crossed another spec off of the bronze and silver lists, even if I couldn’t get the gold this time around. I’ll come back to it later. For the sake of my sanity, I now go for only as much time as one flask affords me.

Anyway, with Destro Warlock down, that’s only 14/34 specs so far. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, even disappointed, with my progress, until I thought about it in terms of classes instead of specs. I have completed silver on at least one spec of 10/11 classes. (My only incomplete class is the Monk, which I don’t have at 90 yet. She’s 77 and climbing.) That made me feel a bit better. In many cases, I elected to work towards gold instead of redoing the content in a different spec, simply because I didn’t want to break up my momentum by dusting off rarely-used UIs to make sure that all the spells, talents, and glyphs are in order. I’ve decided that this could be a very good project for when I’ve got spare time but don’t feel like doing anything that takes a bit more thought.


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