Baby Pally Update

I’m now sitting at 27 and can add The Stormwind Stockades to the list of soloed dungeons. I’m still getting about 3 levels per dungeon because the kill XP for soloing dungeons at-level is pretty crazy. I’ve been looking for something a bit different (as far as leveling methods go) and this one has been one of the most entertaining so far. It brings back a bit of the challenge that’s been missing since they removed all of the elites and group quests from the world at large. I’ve been looking for a way to bring back a little of that flavor and this seems to do it. It’s not the most challenging content ever designed, even running it solo, but it’s enough to remind me of those good old days of trying to solo the pre-nerf BC group quest mobs like Arazzius the Cruel. At any rate, it’s been a fun little side project.


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