Early Christmas (w/ pics)

My sister, because she is the awesomest sort of sister imaginable, bombarded me with a flurry of early Christmas presents. She got me 3 mounts and 5 pets to fill up my virtual stables.

Mounts included: The Heart of the Aspects (affectionately referred to as the Mac ‘n’ Cheese dragon), seen here with the matching miniature pet version, the Soul of the Aspects; the fierce-looking Armored Bloodwing bat mount; and the absolutely gorgeous color-changing Enchanted Fey Dragon.

Other Pets included the adorably evil Lil’ KT, the warm and cuddly Alterac Brew Pup, the miniature mechano-maniacal Lil’ XT, and the beautiful baby bird-beast Cenarion Hatchling.

Aspects Armored Bloodwing Enchanted Fey Dragon Cenarion Hatchling Brew Pup Lil XT Lil KT


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