I’m greatly enjoying the reduced workload (owing to the Thanksgiving holiday). With some help from my amazing sister, we have finished off utilizing the gold I had to abandon on my old horde server and have rolled the funds into 7 mounts (6 JC and one engineering).

I’ve also gotten my gnome unholy DK (Kweezy) up to 85, and my gnome warlock up to 88. They’re both gathering the rested buff before I trek on towards 90. I’ve also gotten my dwarf prot warrior (Woodhelm) and enhancement shammy (Kegsley) up to 84, I’m hoping to finish those two off (to 85) later today so they can start building rested, too.

It’s been a great week for alts. 🙂

I also hope to find some time to work on some Brawler’s Guild and Proving Grounds soon. All in all, it’s been aa good week. I hope everyone else is enjoying their holiday time as much as I have been.


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