Proving Grounds – Alt Parade

I’m planning on seeing just how many of the 11 classes I can get Proving Grounds Gold for each of their available roles.

I got Gold DPS and Gold Healer on the Shaman already. I set to work on the DK today. It was amazing the difference between the two. Yes, I was already more familiar with the waves and that helped some, but even accounting for that, it was a dozen times easier on the DK. I didn’t have to reforge or anything and my gear didn’t have a million sockets. Still, I think DKs must scale better or something because I was doing nearly twice the dps on most waves. It was almost aggravating how easy it was compared to the keyboard acrobatics and CD juggling I had to do on the shammy.

At any rate, I got Gold DPS already. I’ll start working on the tanking mode later.


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