Little Tommy Newcomer (Lil Oondasta) – Revised

Daily Quest: Little Tommy Newcomer (Lil’ Oondasta)

“Mechanical Mayhem” (Revised)

This revised strategy uses the exact same pets as we used last time,  but trades out Batter for Missile on the Rocketbot and makes better use of their abilities.

My lineup:

Darkmoon Zeppelin (Missile, Explode, Decoy)

Darkmoon Tonk (Missile, Shock and Awe, Ion Cannon)

Clockwork Rocketbot (Batter, Toxic Smoke, Sticky Bomb)

My Strategy:

Start with the Zeppelin.

  1. Use Decoy.
  2. Spam Missile until your failsafe kicks in.
  3. Explode

Bring in the Darkmoon Tonk

Is Frill Blast off CD?


  1. Use Ion Cannon


  1. Use Shock and Awe
  2. Use Missile until Frill Blast is off CD
  3. Use Ion Cannon (you’ll be force-swapped out so your Tonk will spend his 2-round recovery on the back row)

Clockwork Rocketbot (brought in by the forced swap).

  1. Spam Batter

Don’t forget to hand in your quest and HEAL YOUR PETS before you move on to the tournament.


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