Celestial Tournament – Wise Mari

Wise Mari Strategy


My Lineup:

Brilliant Kalliri (Quills, Shriek, Predatory Strike)

Onyxian Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Healing Flame)

Legs (Pump, Surge of Power, Whirlpool)


Note: There are several other options (mostly owls) with the same toolset if you don’t have a Kaliri. If you have a non-dragon with a dragon damage ability (like Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling), it will work even better in this line-up. I used legs (a magic pet with aquatic attacks) just to be safe, but a standard aquatic should work just fine.


His Lineup:

Carp Diem (Grasp, Cleansing Rain, Dreadful Breath)

Spirus (Arcane Blast, Soul Ward, Healing Wave)

River (Pump, Whirlpool, Dive)

My Strategy:

Wise Mari’s strategy is to use Cleansing Rain and then Dreadful Breath so that your Backline pets are at about half health when they come in. Naturally, we could counter this with a weather-changing pet, but I didn’t find that to be necessary because of how effective Kalliri is against Carp. I’ll try to put together a weather-changing team the next time Mari crops up, but I’ll need to level a Crow or Raven between now and then.

Start with Brilliant Kaliri

  1. Use Shriek. This will lower Dreadful Breath’s damage by 25% for 2 rounds.
  2. Use Quills until he is in killing range (where Predatory Strike’s roughly 700HP damage will safely kill it),
  3. Finish him off with Predatory Strike.
  4. Use Shriek when he swaps to Spirus and then swap out.

Bring in Onyxian Whelpling

  1. Use Healing Flame on CD
  2. Spam Tail Sweep
  3. Repeat until Spirus dies

Bring in your Legs

  1. Cast Whirlpool*
  2. Cast Pump.
  3. Cast Surge of Power*

* You must make sure that these two abilities are timed such that they are not avoided by River’s submerge phase when he uses Dive. He follows a predictable pattern, so pass and wait a round if you need to. Pump can safely coincide with the submerge. The important thing is that both of your abilities hit him.

Your Legs may or may not die from the Whirlpool (I’ve found this very rare, because magic pets take reduced damage from his aquatic attacks). If he does die; no big deal, you still have your Kaliri alive to claim victory. The combination of your Whirlpool and Surge of Power should be enough to take down River in two big chunks (the Pump powers up the Whirlpool, which also benefits from Cleansing Rain, if it’s still up, and it does extra damage against elementals, so it hits like a truck). Even if River somehow survives (I’ve never seen this), he should be low enough that your Kalliri can one-shot him with Predatory Strike when it comes in.


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