Celestial Tournament – Blingtron 4000

Blingtron 4000 Strategy

My Lineup:

Mirror Strider (Water Jet, Healing Wave, Pump)

Core Hound Pup (Thrash, Howl, Burrow)

Fel Flame (Burn, Immolate, Conflagrate)

His Lineup:

Au (Goldskin, Gilded Fist, Gold Rush)

Banks (Make it Rain, Uncanny Luck, Buried Treasure)

Lil B (SmackThat.EXE, Extra Plating, Blingtron Gift Package)

My Strategy:

Start with your Strider

  1. Cast Water Jet
  2. Cast Pump
  3. Cast Healing Wave
  4. Cast Pump
  5. Cast Water Jet. This should kill Au.
  6. Cast Water Jet. Your pet will probably die at this point.

Bring in your Core Hound Pup

  1. Cast Burrow
  2. Cast Howl
  3. Cast Thrash
  4. Cast Thrash
  5. Repeat until Banks dies.
  6. Cast Howl
  7. Swap out.

Bring in your Fel Flame

  1. Cast Conflagrate. (You should catch the double damage debuff, so don’t wait.)
  2. Cast Immolate and keep up the DoT.
  3. Cast Conflagrate on CD.
  4. Spam Burn as filler.

I tried this out several times and Fel Flame usually handles Lil B with no problems because the double-damage Conflagrate puts him at such a massive headstart. However, if you happen to be extremely unlucky with RNG and miss 2 or more Burns, he may outlast you (this happened to me on two of my test runs – “90%” my ever-loving ass). *Ahem.* Anyway, if you get poor RNG and Fel Flame dies before Lil B does, just use Core Hound to finish him off. He should be pretty low, anyway, thanks to the DoT. I just spammed Thrash. If you plan to use Burrow, be sure that you avoid SmackThat.EXE and not the Gift, which would heal him.


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