Celestial Tournament – Wrathion

Wrathion Strategy


My Lineup:

Rabbit (Scratch, Dodge, Burrow)
Anubisath Idol (Crush, Stoneskin, Deflection)
Kun-Lai Runt (Takedown, Frost Shock, Deep Freeze)

His Lineup:

Cindy (Diseased Bite, Blistering Cold, Ice Tomb)

Alex (Breath, Ancient Blessing, Flamethrower)

Dah’da (Roll, Shadowflame, Elementium Bolt)


My Strategy:

Wrathion throws a bit of everything at you. Cindy tries to dot you up and then nuke you down. Alex is a straightforward bruiser-style slugfest. Dah’da is a variant on the howl-bomb, in which he launches a delayed attack, debuffs you, and then has big burst as several abilities go off at once.

Naturally, we’re going to counter each of his strategies with our trusty set of monkey-wrenches. Against Cindy, we’ll use a critter to limit the damage of the dot (weak vs. critters) and make sure it has Dodge to avoid the big-damage Ice Tomb, plus Cindy is undead, so critter attacks get the damage bonus. A rabbit is perfect for this, so pick one; variety and breed don’t matter much, but since you can’t out-speed Cindy, a power-heavy or balanced rabbit is really nice. Against Alex we’ll use a humanoid to nuke her down quickly. I went with Anubisath Idol, because his Stoneskin and Deflection combination takes the teeth out of her normally hard-hitting attacks, while Crush hits her for heavy damage. Against Dah’da I went with Kun-Lai Runt, because his “stun bomb” strategy derails Dah’da’s combo move while doing some pretty nice damage of its own. You can, of course, use other humanoids if you wish. Both Pandaren Monk and Flayer Youngling work nicely, but I had those pets in other teams, so I wanted to branch out and explore other options.

Start with your Rabbit

  1. Spam Scratch until there is 1 turn left on ice tomb.
  2. Use Dodge to avoid both the Ice Tomb explosion and the next round’s attack.
  3. Spam Scratch until Cindy dies.
  4. On Cindy’s undead turn use Burrow.
  5. You’ll open against Alex with the attack portion of Burrow. don’t worry if it misses, this is just bonus damage.
  6. Spam scratch until rabbit dies.

Bring in your Anubisath Idol

Because the round in which you come in varies, I have given you priorities instead of a turn-by-turn account.

  • Use and keep up Stoneskin.
  • Use Deflection to negate a breath attack. Be sure not to waste it on a healing turn (Ancient Blessing). Using it against Flamethrower is ok, but not ideal because Stoneskin already reduces the main hit and almost neutralizes the dot portion.
  • Otherwise, spam Crush until the Idol dies.

Bring in Kun-Lai Runt
Again, there is a bit of RNG involved, but barring some truly bad luck, you should be well ahead of the curve by now.  Your priorities are:

  • If Alex is still alive, spam Takedown to finish her off. It shouldn’t take more than a hit or two.
  • Against Dah’da, use your Stun Bomb Combo (Frost Shock, Deep Freeze, Takedown) to delay Dah’da while you nuke him down.
  • If at all possible, time your stun so that it interrupts Shadowflame, since that is his hardest-hitting attack.
  • If Dah’da is almost dead, you can spam Takedown to finish him off, otherwise just repeat your Stun Bomb Combo until Dah’da dies.

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