Celestial Tournament – Taran Zhu

Taran Zhu Strategy

My Lineup:

Voidwalker (Curse of Doom, Prismatic Barrier)
Fox (Flurry, Howl, Dazzling Dance)
Willy (Tongue Lash, Eye Blast, Rot)

His Lineup:

Bolo (Punch, Blinding Powder, Rampage)
Li (Triple Snap, Bandage, Spin Kick)
Yen (Comeback, Blackout Kick, Feign Death)

My Strategy:

We’re running a variant on the classic Howl Bomb technique. Drop a delayed nuke that is strong against your opponent’s type, drop the double-damage debuff on him, and boom! One-shotted. There are a ton of pets that can use Curse of Doom, but unfortunately I only had one at max-level (guess what’s on my to-do list for the week?). Foxes are great for Howl and also have the lovely Dazzling Dance to up your speed, but I only had one available (thanks to other teams). A 2nd pet with Curse of Doom or Howl would work just as well or better than Willy, but I just didn’t have one available, so I had to get creative. Willy will finish off the last monk by pulling the old end-around: turn it into an undead with Rot and then smack it around with Tongue Lash (strong vs. undead). This strategy involves a lot of pet-swapping, so we’ll call it the Texas Two-Step… of DOOM! Hang in there and follow my lead until we dance our way to victory.
Start with Lesser Voidwalker

  1. Use Curse of Doom
  2. You’ll be stunned on next round before you can do anything. Wait for the stun, then swap in your fox.

Swap in your Fox

  1. Cast Howl.
  2. Cast Dazzling Dance. (At this point, the Curse of Doom should go off and kill Bolo.)

Swap in your Voidwalker

  1. Cast Curse of Doom.
  2. Cast Prismatic Barrier.

Swap in your Fox

  1. Use Howl. Since Li is faster than you, both of the attacks it blocks will be Li’s (the “free” attack on the swap and his first attack of the next round). As such, there is no need to wait a turn before you Howl, the barrier will drop before it is your turn to attack.
  2. Use Dazzling Dance. (At this point, the Curse of Doom should go off and kill Li.)

Swap in your Voidwalker*

  1. Cast Curse of Doom.
  2. Cast Prismatic Barrier.

Swap in your Fox

  1. Use Howl.
  2. Use Dazzling Dance. (At this point, the Curse of Doom should go off and kill Yen.)

* In a perfect world, that’s it, game over. Grats on your victory. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. On several of my attempts, either the Voidwalker or the Fox died before getting off the third bomb. If this should happen, skip the third iteration of the Howl Bomb and do this:


Swap in Willy

  1. Use Eye Blast to slow Yen
  2. Cast Rot
  3. Spam Tongue Lash
  • If Willy is about to die, but your Fox is still alive, try to make sure Rot is up, then bring in your Fox and spam Flurry, but this shouldn’t happen.

2 thoughts on “Celestial Tournament – Taran Zhu

  1. These tactics aren’t efficient. Quite frustrating making all my teams after finding this only to learn that there’s going to be holes in said teams.

  2. I’m sorry that you’ve been unable to get it to work, but I stated very clearly in the intro that this was a make-shift team because I didn’t have all of the pieces for a proper howl bomb team. That being said, I’ve never had it fail and I tested all of these strategies several times before posting.

    Despite your rudeness I am willing to help you figure out what it is you’re doing wrong. Are you using poor/common pets? Blues are best, but don’t bother with anything less than green. Are you sure you’re following the instructions correctly? All of these abilities have 100% hit chance so the only RNG involved is opponent damage.

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