Celestial Tournament – Chen Stormstout

Chen Stormstout Strategy

“Bustin’ Loose”

My Lineup:

Rabid Nut Varmint (Metal Fist, Extra Plating, Repair)
Flayer Youngling (Focus, Rampage)
Mirror Strider (Water Jet, Healing Wave, Pump)

His Lineup:

Tonsa (Bite, Headbutt, Chew)
Chirps (Flank, Lullaby, Locust Swarm)
Brewly (Inebriate, Barrel Toss, Brew Bolt)

My Strategy:

We want a durable mechanical pet with healing to counteract Tonsa. Clockwork Gnome would be awesome, and Cogblade Raptor should also work nicely, but I went with Rabid Nut Varmint because that’s what I had on hand and max-level. Out-speeding Tonsa is nice if you can do it, but my varmint was slower and that was still viable. If yours is faster, be sure to alter your timing on Extra Plating to absorb the maximum number of attacks. At any rate, mechanical attacks will tear Tonsa down quickly, so don’t panic that she hits hard: just weather the storm.

Chirps will always sleep your pet when he comes in, so don’t jump the gun on swapping pets; wait until after the sleep. After that, bring in your Flayer Youngling to handle the cricket. Flayer Youngling is perfect for this fight, because it’s a humanoid (takes less damage vs. critters) with a beast attack (deals extra damage vs. critters) and has a buff to help with the alemental in the next round. Another humanoid will work, but be sure to pick an aquatic with high accuracy moves to help counter Inebriate.

Brewly will always start off with Inebriate to lower your team’s accuracy by 25%. This is completely counteracted by Focus, if your Flayer manages to get it off. If your Flayer dies before he can buff, or if you’re using something other than a flayer, be aware that you’re about to suffer 25% more RNG. Against Brewlky, a Legs or Viscudus Globule would be ideal, since they are magic pets (reduced damage from Brew Bolt) with aquatic attacks (extra damage vs. elementals), but if you don’t have one handy (I didn’t), pretty much any aquatic with a solid nuke should be able to outburst him (I chose an aqua strider and that worked fine).

Start with Rabid Nut Varmint

  1. Use Metal Fist.
  2. Use Extra Plating: it should coordinate with Chew (so that you have the plate up to absorb the double attack on the following round).
  3. Use Repair.
  4. Refresh Plating during a Chew round, otherwise spam Metal Fist until Tonsa dies.
  5. You will be put to sleep by the cricket’s Lullaby.

Swap in your Flayer

  1. Use Rampage: this is a 3-round attack and should kill the cricket outright.
  2. If your Flayer is still alive, use Focus to counteract Inebriate. If not, don’t sweat it. RNG is RNG, but the odds are still in your favor.

Swap in Mirror Strider

This is a set of priorities, not turn-by-turn instructions.

  1. Use Pump to power up. Don’t bother to unload.
  2. Use Healing Wave on CD if health is less than full.
  3. Spam Water Jet until Brewly dies.

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