Farmer Nishi Strategy

Farmer Nishi Strategy

Nishi is one of the trainers that benefited from the recent round of rebalancing effects and bug fixes.  She was previously ridiculously easy because her elementals did not benefit from their racial abilities (although you did) and her sunflower never used Solar Beam. I’ve seen some complaints about her being too hard to beat, now. Don’t worry, she’s still beatable, and yes, you can still beat her with 2 pets to level a 3rd.

My Lineup:

Mirror Strider (Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Soothe)
Eternal Strider (Water Jet, Healing Wave, Pump)
Carry pet

***Please note that any variety of water strider will be fine, even two copies of the same one. I only listed them as being different varieties to make it easier to differentiate between their skillsets (you will want different abilities on each).

My Strategy:

Because Nishi’s offense relies on a powered-up Solar Beam to nearly one-shot your pets, we’re going to throw a wrench in her ability to power up and use Solar Beam.

Start with Mirror Strider

  1. Cast Soothe.
  2. Cast Cleansing Rain.
  3. Cast Water Jet.

Swap to Eternal Strider

  1. Cast Pump.
  2. Cast Healing Wave.
  3. Cast Water Jet until he reaches “the gap.”


  • Because of the way his CDs line up, there are 3 rounds during which Toothbreaker literally does nothing but stand around waiting for something to come off CD. This gap in his rotation is a great time to swap in a lowbie pet without it taking any damage.

Swap in your carry pet during the gap.

  1. Use any ability to get credit for participating in the battle. It’s fine if it misses.

Swap back to eternal strider.

  1. Spam water jet until turnip dies.
  2. Cast pump for big damage.
  3. Cast Healing Wave.
  4. Cast Pump to power up.
  5. Spam Water Jet until sunflower dies.
  6. Cast Pump for big damage.
  7. Cast Healing Wave.
  8. Cast Pump to power up.
  9. Spam water jet until the worm dies or you do.

Other Notes:

  • If your strider dies, swap in your other strider and continue spamming Water Jet.
  • Cast your heal (either Healing Wave or Cleansing Rain) on the submerge phase of burrow, so as not to waste an attack.
  • Your carried pet should only take damage from one or two Sunlights, and it will receive some light healing from Cleansing Rain, so it can be relatively low-level. Solar Beam hits for roughly 650 health without sunlight (about 350 extra during sunlight) so for most pets that roughly level 16 to soak the Solar Beam. Sunlight, on the other hand hits for only about 165 damage (235-ish for mechanicals), so anything level 3+ should be ok as long as it only takes backrow damage and gets some AoE healing between hits. This is one of the reasons I prefer to soak the beam with a max-level pet.
  • I think I may also make a video to explain further why and how this strategy works, so people can get a better understanding of why we use the abilities we do in the order we do.

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