Proving Grounds: Initial Thoughts

I’ve only tried out the proving grounds on one spec of one class: elemental shaman. That’s usually a pretty good spec for solo content, IMO. Proving Grounds Bronze and Silver didn’t give me much trouble (got bronze in 1 attempt and silver in two), despite the fact that I was inadvertently wearing my pet battle helm instead of my actual armor. Oops.

Gold is a different story. Gold is tuned really, really tight. Insanely, unbelievably tight. Kicking my ass six ways from Sunday tight. I kept banging my head at that wall, and little by little I’m getting further and further. I just can’t seem to crack that final wave.

I just honestly don’t know what I could do better. I’m prioritizing the right adds at the right times. I’ve got damn near 100% uptime on dps, despite the truly ludicrous amount of movement and target-switching required. I’m even targeting the next enemy while I’m still casting on the first one so I don’t lose dps time to target-switching. I’m doing my rotation correctly. I’m utilizing the amber orbs for dps boosts. I’m taking advantage of the mini-heroism chests (and even saving them for later waves because I can get by the ones where they spawn without them).  I’m saving my CDs for the later waves.  I’m using time in between waves to throw down earthquake and totems. I’m using buff food and flask. I’ve dumped extra spirit into other stats. I’ve done every single thing I can think of to squeak out a little more oomph and I just can’t finish it.

It’s just so frustrating. I spent over 6 hours on just the gold level and no matter what I do, my enemies just don’t “melt” the way they do on the how-to videos I’ve watched. There were literally dozens upon dozens of attempts in which I would have cleared a wave and moved on if I’d had even one more global CD, but the guys in the videos are standing around not fighting for up to 5-10 seconds per round *while stuff is still up* and still manage to finish the round with time to spare. I just don’t get it.


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