Little Tommy Newcomer (Lil Oondasta)

Daily Quest: Little Tommy Newcomer (Lil’ Oondasta)

“Mechanical Mayhem”

Most of his attacks are weak against mechanicals, while he takes extra damage from mechanical attacks. Additionally, he hits like a truck on steroids, so the failsafe (returning to life after being killed) buys you an extra round. That’s super helpful on this fight, so we’re going for a straightforward triple-mech slugfest.

My lineup:

Darkmoon Zeppelin (Missile, Explode, Decoy)

Darkmoon Tonk (Missile, Shock and Awe, Ion Cannon)

Clockwork Rocketbot (Missile, Toxic Smoke, Sticky Bomb)

My Strategy:

Start with the Zeppelin.

  1. Use Decoy.
  2. Spam Missile until your failsafe kicks in.
  3. Explode

Bring in the Clockwork Rocket Bot.

  1. Put up Sticky Bomb
  2. Put Up Toxic Smoke
  3. Use Missile (you should get one off before he forces you to switch).

Darkmoon Tonk (brought in by the forced swap).

  1. Use Shock and Awe
  2. Spam Missile until he is in kill range or until you are forced to swap or are about to die.
  3. Use Ion Cannon to finish him off or before you die.

Clockwork Rocketbot (if necessary)

  1. Spam Missile

Don’t forget to hand in your quest and HEAL YOUR PETS before you move on to the tournament.


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