Celestial Tournament – The Celestials

Please note that the pets I list are not the only possible pets, nor are the listed strategies the only possible strategies. Feel free to substitute pets with identical movesets (although be aware that family type, i.e. aquatic, mechanical, etc., may still be important) or pets that accomplish the same strategy.

Please also be aware that when I say “kill range” you must account for the fact that the Celestials take 50% less damage from all attacks (as with any legendary pet), and all of them act is if they have the magic racial (damage taken is capped at 35% of max health per attack).

Celestials (You’ll Fight These Every Week)

Zao, Calf of Nuizao

Zao is an ordinary beast who reminded me a lot of Kafi. He has three abilities: Trample, Niuzao’s Charge, and Wish. Trample is your basic trample attack (chunk of damage +10% of the victim’s max health, dealt as 2 attacks). Charge is a 2-turn move that hits very hard. Wish heals him for 50% of his health, but you should be able to get him down before he casts it.

My lineup:

Turkey (Flock – other 2 don’t matter)

Darkmoon Tonk (Missile, Shock and Awe, Ion Cannon)

Darkmoon Zeppelin (Missile, Explode, Decoy)


My Strategy:

Start with the Turkey (or any flyer with flock or stampede).

1)      Spam Flock until you die. (Probably 2 casts, but you’ll die midway through the second.) You’ll be surprised how effective this is.

Now you have a choice.

Bring in your Darkmoon Zeppelin

  1. Use Missile twice to take advantage of the double damage buff.
  2. Use Decoy
  3. Spam Missile until he is in kill range or you are about to die.
  4. Use Explode


Bring in your Darkmoon Tonk

  1. Use Shock and Awe
  2. Spam Missile until he is in kill range
  3. Use Ion Cannon to finish him off or if you’re about to die.

In all likelihood, the third pet won’t have much to mop up and it won’t take much (if any) damage.

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

Xu-Fu is an ordinary beast that reminds me a bit of Nitun. He has three abilities: Spirit Claws, Moonfire, and Feed. The trick to this fight is to change the weather from Moonlight (which increases his accuracy and buffs his healing) to something that benefits you. Since his attacks are single-fire, Call Lightning works extremely well against him. This will be the classic “death from a thousand cuts” style brawl.

My lineup:

Jade Serpent Hatchling (Call Lightning)

Firefly (Slicing Wind, Cocoon Strike, Stampede)

Moth (Slicing Wind, Cocoon Strike, Mothballs)


My Strategy:

Start with Jade Serpent Hatchling. You’ll want one slower than Xu-Fu, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Xu-Fu always starts with Moonfire, so use Call Lightning.

Bring in your Firefly.

  1. Switch to your multi-hit flyer and cast Flock/Stampede
  2. Use Slicing Wind twice to take advantage of the double damage buff.
  3. Repeat until your pet dies, you win, or you need to refresh Call Lightning.
  4. If you can figure out when he’s going to use feed, a properly-timed Cocoon Strike can negate it, but I don’t believe I ever had to do that.

This strat worked so well for me that, even though I used a level 24 uncommon quality Jade Serpent, Xu-Fu died before my third pet even came in. A level 25 rare (especially a power-heavy breed) would make the Call Lightning even more effective. My intention was to bring in the moth and use its multi-hit attacks to finish him off, but he wasn’t needed. This strategy is pretty flexible. Any pet with Call Lightning should work. In fact, a mechanical pet (like Tranquil Mechanical Yeti) would take less damage on the Moonfire, but I didn’t have one available (and it wasn’t an issue, anyway). Likewise, any stampede/flock style multi-hit pet should do the trick. I used flyers because they take reduced damage from Xu-Fu’s beast attacks, plus they specialize in multi-hit moves. In theory, any non-critter with a Stampede-style attack should work (for example, Summit Kid is a beast that has Stampede), but go with flyers if you have them to spare.


Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon

Yu’la is a dragon. She has three abilities: Jade Breath, Emerald Presence, and Lift Off. Lift Off is the same as any other dragon/flyer, except that, naturally, it hits harder. Emerald Presence is your basic dragon version of Shell (knocking damage off of each attack), so if you’re straying from the plan below, avoid multi-hit attacks as a general rule. Jade Breath is, once again, nothing special, just your basic powered-up dragon breath attack (no dot or puddle after).

My lineup:

Fox (Bite, Howl)

Scourged Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Call Darkness)

Note: I opted for Tail Sweep instead of Shadowflame, despite the split-hit because of its higher accuracy.

Pandaren Monk (Takedown, Fury of 1,000 Fists)

My Strategy:

Start with the Fox

  1. Use Bite
  2. Use Howl

Bring in your Scourged Whelpling

  1. Use Call Darkness
  2. Use Tail Sweep

Bring in your Pandaren Monk

  1. Use Fury of 1,000 Fists for heavy damage and Stun (Darkness causes blind)
  2. Use Takedown. Deals Double damage because of the stun.
  3. Spam Takedown to finish her off if she is near death.

I guess you could repeat if necessary, but that was all it took for me. This was the easiest of the celestials for me, by far, probably owing to the fact that although she mitigates damage, she doesn’t heal. Note that Focus Chi isn’t needed because the 35%-HP cap would waste most of it anyway. Note also that the 10% miss chance may cause you to need a contingency plan, so have a second team ready if you can.


Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji

Chi-Chi is a slippery little flyer with incredible defenses. Don’t be lulled into thinking this will be a war of attrition, though; she hits like a truck. She has three abilities: Fire Quills, Ethereal, and Tranquility. Her Fire Quills deals elemental damage but otherwise is your basic speed-based multi-hit like Blades of Wind (i.e she always hits twice, and will probably hit a third), except that she (like all of the celestials) hits really hard. Expect to be killed in 2 (3, max) turns of attacks unless you’re rocking a critter. Her Tranquility is incredibly powerful and will heal through a great deal of damage, so you need to hit her hard, hit her fast, and hit her often. Ethereal is basically Deflection with a different name, meaning she will almost always get a round to recover when she needs one and she’ll often throw a monkey wrench in your “hit her often” plan.

My lineup:

Nexus Whelpling (Mana Surge, Arcane Storm)

Arcane Eye (Mana Surge)

Legs (Pump, Surge of Power, Focused Beams)


My Strategy:

Start with Nexus Whelpling.

  1. Use Arcane Storm (this makes your Mana Surges hit for extra damage).
  2. Spam Mana Surge until you die.

Bring in your Arcane Eye

  1. Spam Mana Surge until you die.

Bring in your Legs

  1. If Chi-Chi is about to use Ethereal, use Pump (only one time per fight) to increase your damage by 10%
  2. Otherwise, spam Focused Beams until she is in killing range.
  3. Finish her off with Surge of Power

This was the single toughest fight in the tournament for me, and by a considerable margin. Over 75% of my tourney time this first week was trying to come up with something – anything – that could take her down. Stick with it, don’t get discouraged. Having multiple copies and/or multiple contingency plans is recommended, in case your first strategy fails.


2 thoughts on “Celestial Tournament – The Celestials

    • The above was for Chi-Chi

      for Zao


      Lil Bad Wolf
      Cast Mangle
      Cast Howl

      Pet with Call Lightning then any random attack

      Clockwork Gnome
      Cast Build Turret then Metal Fist

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