Celestial Tournament – Lorewalker Cho

Random Trainer: Lorewalker Cho

His lineup:

Wisdom (Peck, Wild Magic, Rip)

Patience (Broom, Tranquility, Clean-Up)

Knowledge (Tail Sweep, Amplify Magic, Solar Beam)

My lineup:

Nether Faerie Dragon (Arcane Blast, Life Exchange, Moonfire)

Spider x2 (Strike, Brittle Webbing, Leech Life)

My Strategy:

Start with the Faerie Dragon; he will start with Wisdom. Wisdom always goes Wild Magic, Rip, Peck.

  1. Use Moonfire
  2. Use Arcane Blast
  3. Use Arcane Blast
  4. At this point Wisdom should be dead, and your Faerie Dragon will be low on health, but don’t sweat it, that’s to our advantage!
  5. He will bring in Patience. Use Life Exchange which should heal you to full and drop Patience by a big chunk.
  6. Spam Arcane Blast until you die or just Swap Pets to the spider.

Bring in a Spider

  1. Use Brittle Webbing and keep it up at all times
  2. Use Leech Life if you need healing.
  3. Otherwise, spam Strike.
  4. Repeat until the broom dies.
  5. He will bring in Knowledge. Your strategy does not change. He will set up an amplified Solar Beam to kill off your spider in one mighty blow.

Bring in your other spider

  1. Finish him off with the same strategy as your first spider. Note that he has to recharge for 2 rounds after Solar Beam, so feel free to go for the jugular with Strike if he’s almost dead (and he should be).

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