Celestial Tournament – Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Random Trainer: Dr. Ion Goldbloom

His lineup:

Screamer (Lift Off, Feign Death, Alpha Strike)

Trike (Bite, Adrenaline, Horn Attack)

Chaos (Logic, Uncertainty, Instability)

My lineup:

Nexus Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Arcane Storm, Mana Surge)

Wild Crimson Hatchling (Tail Sweep, Healing Flame,  Lift Off)

Clockwork Rocketbot (Missile, Mine Field, Sticky Grenade)

My Strategy:

Start with the Rocketbot.

  1. He will use Lift Off. Use Mine Field
  2. Swap Pets

Bring in the Nexus Whelpling

  1. Use Arcane Storm
  2. Use Mana Surge
  3. After the first tick of Mana Surge hits, he will use Feign Death and then swap out for Trike, Your third and final round of Mana Surge should hit Trike. Because of the Mine Field  and Mana Surge, Trike should be at fairly low health when he comes in.
  4. Swap Pets

Bring in your Rocketbot

  1. Spam Missile until Trike dies. When Trike dies, he will bring his Screamer back in.
  2. Use Mine Field
  3. Finish off Screamer with Missile (it shouldn’t take more than a hit or two). When Screamer dies he will bring in Chaos, who will take damage from the Mine Field.
  4. Apply Sticky Grenade
  5. Spam Missile until you die
  6. Swap Pets

Bring in your Whelpling

  1. Use Mana Surge. Note: Your Whelpling may be at low health by now. If it dies, it’s fine, you still have a third pet.
  2. If Chaos died, congratulations: you won the RNG battle!
  3. If not, Swap Pets

Bring in Crimson Serpent Hatchling

Unlike the previous pets, you now have a priority instead of a rotation. In order of importance:

  • He likes to cast Uncertainty right before Logic to try to take down your dragon: Use Lift Off when he uses Uncertainty to counter this attack.
  • If he gets lucky with Instability (only 50% hit chance) use Healing Flame for massive healing.
  • Otherwise, spam Tail Sweep. It won’t take many hits to finish him off, so he should die before you need a 2nd Lift Off. The lowest my dragon’s health ever got was ~50%.

I make no guarantees, but this strategy has worked for me every time. Good luck!


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