Celestial Tournament: Initial Thoughts

So I finally got my patch downloaded and went to take a crack at the Celestial Tournament. I’ve banged my head against it for over an hour now and here are my first impressions.

  • The individual tamers are hard, but doable. For something that is supposed to be end-game pet content, I think the challenge of individual matches is appropriate. After some trial and error I’ve got some teams that can take down the 3 initial trainers (yes, I know they’ll switch out, at random, next week), albeit usually taking heavy casualties.
  • The no-heal rule is absolutely asinine. Yes, I know that it’s supposed to add a new level of challenge to the tournament. My beef with it is that it also adds about 10 levels of annoyance. Having to redo the entire tournament from the start just because you got an unlucky miss or your opponent got 2 crits in a row is just stupid. Yes, I know that you can mitigate against this by having multiple copies, but that’s simply not an option for many of the rarer pets, and can’t be done at all with unique pets.
  • I’m concerned that there’s an RNG-related bug in the instance. Several of my “95%” moves, which started out at about 90% accuracy heading in have fallen to ridiculously low levels (as tracked by PAR). One is at 83% and dropping , while another has fallen to 75%. Meanwhile, my Fury of 1,000 Fists (ostensibly a 95% move) started at 69% heading in (no, really) and has fallen to around 50%. Are you serious with this shit, Blizz? In some cases, the move has yet to land a single time in over a dozen attempts. Here’s hoping it’s a bug. If my luck is actually this bad, I may not survive the week. Cause of Death: tripping over a pig and breaking my neck while being struck by lightning, eaten by a shark, and crushed by a falling meteor.
  • I’ll keep cracking at it throughout the week. Surely I’ll land on some strategies (or somebody will be nice enough to post some) eventually. In the meantime, I need to finish off leveling up a few pets that I think would be helpful here and there.



Finished the tournament. I’ll post the pet combos I used later (I need a nap). My RNG smoothed out somewhat, but was still on the low side. And yes, I still feel the no-heal rule is asinine.


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